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5 Most Luxurious Homes Of The Rich And Famous

When you think of the most luxurious and expensive home, the only people you think about is the rich and famous. They have the means of getting what they want, and that is the most luxurious homes you have ever seen. In this list, you will find 5 most luxurious homes owned by some of the richest and famous people.

  1. Bill Gates – Worth $125 million

It is no surprise to have Bill Gates’ home at the top. Who doesn’t know Bill Gates? Being who he is, it is obvious to expect him to splash his money on the best home available. When you think of luxurious home, then you cannot go without mentioning this. The details of Gates’ home will blow your mind.

His house covers up to 66,000 sq. Ft. A luxurious home cannot be complete without enough space. The house has 24 bathrooms, 7 bedrooms, and 6 kitchens. Since Bill Gates is a books fan, you will find a library of 2,100 sq. Ft. Other features of the house include a steam room, a sauna, exercise room, trampoline room, men’s and women’s separate locker rooms, two pools indoor and outdoor both with underwater music systems, a theater and human-made stream with salmon and trout.

The technological system installed in this home defines luxury in full. It has rotating artwork. The floor is pressure sensitive for enhanced security. Any guest who finds his/her way to the home gets a microchip for location tracking.

  1. George Clooney Home

George Clooney is a home that combines both original vintage charm with a modern touch. As a result, the home costs $100 million. The home was constructed in the 18th Century. However, being a mix of the old and modern, it has remained attractive and luxurious. Currently, it features an outdoor theater, “pizza room,” full gym, ceilings with ornately carved designs, tile floors, tennis courts, a pool, well-landscaped gardens, and a huge garage.

  1. Oprah Winfrey

With a cost of $88 million, Oprah Winfrey’s home is magnificent. It is a 6-bedroom house with 14 bedrooms. Other features include a wine cellar, gourmet kitchen, a theater, gorgeous grounds with both covered and uncovered terraces. There are covered stalls on the outside, paddocks, riding rings, a stable and barn and a horse trainer’s house. Other things include a pool, a human-made lake with fishes, two fireplaces for outdoor, multiple ponds, rose gardens, entertainment area, an avocado grove measuring 2 acres and a guest house that comes with a separate pool.

  1. Tom Cruise Home

Tom Cruise is a film celebrity, and he lives in a 298-acre luxury home worth $59 million. The home has a house covering 10,000 sq. Ft. The house’s living room features floor-to-ceiling windows. Some of the features within the house include a gym, library, and a rec home. It has a lighted basketball court, hockey, tennis, and private trail system. Another fantastic feature is a private motocross track. A guest house quaint measures 1,600 sq. Ft. With three-bedroom and bathrooms.

  1. Tiger Woods

Built on Jupiter Island, it is worth $54.5 million. It measures 10,000 sq. ft. It has several impressive features such as a putting studio and 4 putting greens. There is also a 60 ft. Diving pool, boathouse, 100 ft. Lap pool, spa, tennis and basketball court, and a running track. The house provides fantastic views of the sea. As a result, it is fitted with a glass-fronted elevator. It is a 4-bedroom house on an island and remains luxurious and expensive. Other things include a game room, theater, and wine cellar.

Home Design Tips

Necessary items to have in a smart home

We all desire to build a smart home where things become more convenient and provide ease to us. Building a smart home will definitely require a lot of effort and of course expertise to make it as perfect as possible. It is not at all a difficult job as it was in previous years. And this is all because of different technological advancements happening almost every day. People therefore, are keen to build a smart home for their convenience and peace. Another reason for this is the trend. It has also become a trend to build a smart house and keep it upgraded with technology.

How to build a smart home?

To be real here, building a smart home is not at all an easy job. Not everyone can afford to build a smart home. This is because it requires a lot of money to be built. Therefore, smart homes are for those who can easily afford it. 

To build a perfect smart home you need to have a lot of technological accessories for your home. This also includes fixtures having sensors to keep up with the connectivity.

Since it is extremely expensive and you desire for a smart home, you can build it at a much lower budget but just keeping the necessary items and installing them in your smart home. These necessary items can be the following:


  • Having smart lights:


Having a good lighting system influences and impacts the entrance of the house a lot. You do not need to install an entire hub for the smart lights. You can simply operate these lights by making a connection with your Wi-Fi or maybe through Bluetooth in your smart phones.


  • Installing smart and energy saving Thermostats:


Another way to update your house is to build a smart thermostat which will keep the control of the heating and cooling. As most of the thermostats consume a lot of electricity and we end up paying huge bills, this thermostat will control the temperature of the house by saving electricity. It will basically act as a converter by operating to those places in the house where you are and when it is needed. This will be of course done with the help of sensory systems.


  • Installing smart speakers:


You dream for a home theater but it is way too much for you to afford. You can simply install smart speakers which will give you an ambiance like a home theater. As soon as you operate the speakers, the lights will automatically get dimmed giving you a perfect cozy ambiance.


  • Security cameras:


This is the most basic item to install in your smart home. The home security cameras should be installed everywhere in your home so that your house is secure and you can easily keep a check of any unknown who enters your house. If you want you can also keep the access of these security cameras in your smart phones so that it is more flexible to trace who entered and where is he.

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