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Welcome to your best home ideas, news & tips hub.  This is a place for people who are enthusiastic about living a better life, in better homes.

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So what is exactly a “Smart Home”? 

In short, a “smart home” is a house or apartment equipped with one or more devices that automate everyday tasks.

In recent years, we are witnessing the rise of smart homes, and learning smarter ways to live inside those homes.

So, why would one need a Smart Home? 

Well, we are living in very busy times, and we have to protect our time from being wasted on everyday house tasks. Time is precious… and we get less and less of it, as the years go by.

Smart homes will take the hassle out of your life when it comes to many ordinary actions you are so used to do (such as opening lights, playing music, making sure your kids safe, etc,.).


In summary,

MyBetterHome is a blog that aims to make your home life better, prettier, more efficient, happier and most importantly: Affordable.

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