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Advantages Of Having A Smart Home



In the world of technological revolution and advancement, everything around us is getting smarter by the day. Our phones, consumer electronics, cars and pretty much everything today are a lot smarter and can make decisions to improve your daily life. You can save a lot of hassle, time and effort in a very convenient manner through the use of technology. 

Generally when everything around us is becoming more smarter, the concept of having a totally automated smart home is not lagging behind. The concept behind having a smart home is basically a suite of different devices, appliances are connected to a singular network and can be controlled remotely. Ever heard of Internet of things? That is what it means to have a smart home. 

All of your houses’ appliances which include lights, speakers, lamps, fridge and other stuff can be remotely controlled through a mobile or even a remote. 

The advantages of smart home automation are plentiful, the possibilities are absolutely endless now. 

  • Management made easier: 

For people who are living alone, smart home automation is a giant leap in the right direction for home management. Instead of taking care of stuff individually and dedicating a whole day to fix stuff at your place you can now control everything in your home through using an app on your phone or tablet. You do not need to be seasoned in technology to develop an understanding of how to operate stuff, it is easy as learning how to operate Facebook or Instagram. 

  • A one time investment: 

Many people are inclined to believe that having a smart home will cost you a lot of money. How can you blame them? Considering everything that is getting smarter by the day also costs you a fortune. Although that is not the case with smart home automation. It is a one time investment and will not ever abandon you at the time of need. 

  • Increased Security: 

Hiring an actual gunman can be too costly, keeping a dog can be too much work. You can actually use your home appliances to get better security for your place. Your home appliances can support motion detectors, spy cameras and automated door locks which can be overlooked by you through your mobile phone. You will be instantly alerted when something is about to go south at your home and you can get the help of relevant authorities to fix the situation. 

  • Easy Control: 

You have a party at your place by 10, and you reach your place till 9. How would you be able to ready yourself let alone the whole house in such a short span of time? With smart home automation technology you can take control of things from a distance. If it’s been a hot day outside, you can use your air conditioner to lower the temperature of your house and make it guest ready. 

  • Energy efficient: 

At the end of the day, we are all humans and can make mistakes but a smart home is going to cover for all these mistakes. Left the light of the washroom on? Switch it off using your mobile. Lights can be turned on and off automatically when you leave or enter a room. Save energy for the planet and save money for the wallet!

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Top Ten International Companies that can help You Turn Your Home into a Smart Home




In this 21st century, each and every one of us is progressive and competitive. Every one of us is looking for habits and means to make ourselves more at ease and things more convenient. With technology and developmental changes taking place, nobody wants to be left behind with timeworn and conventional methods of living a glitzy life. So, Smart Home is taking over the world by a storm and has been becoming essential.

For all of those who don’t know what a smart home exactly is, it can be best described as a house with all the latest technology and equipment to make life easier and well, SMART. Many times we have seen in movies that show an extravagant and over-the-top lifestyle, having houses that are completely in control of a few remotes, this is called Home Automation and it’s a part of a Smart Home. 

Such investments are very profitable as they lead to an efficient and suitable way of living and saves energy costs. 

Below are the top Ten International companies that help you out in turning your house into a Smart Home:

  1. Amazon: 

Amazon brings a couple of devices for the people who are seeking to turn their house into a smart home. Amazon has launched Amazon Echo, Amazon Echo Dot Smart Speakers and a virtual assistant Alexa. 

2. Google:

Google also brings a variety of options for those seeking it. Google has launched Google Home, Google Home Mini, Google Nest Hub, Nest Hum Max, Google Home Max, Chrome cast, Chrome cast Ultra, etc. 

3. Philips:

Philips has launched Philip Hue which comes with a variety of smart lights for your smart home. 

4. Eco bee:

Eco bee has launched a smart thermostat that is connected to your Wi-Fi and allows you to control the home heating or home air conditioning. 

5. Netegar: Arlo has launched Arlo Pro 2 camera kit for indoor and outdoor cameras that are connected to your internet for control.

6. Simplisafe:

For the security of your entire Smart Home Simplisafe comes up with a Simplisafe 3.0 Kit which has a base station. A keypad and a motion sensor. 

7. Belko:

Belko in another company that is very active in this regard. It has launched BelkoWelmo Mini which allows you to control the power usage and turning off and on anything that has been connected through the app.

8. Samsung:

Already way popular for its tech, it has now put its hand in the smart devices as well. Samsung provides a variety of SmartThings Sensors and a smart speaker. 

9. Assa Abloy:

This giant has launched the august lock pro lock which connects to your Bluetooth and with the August app you can have complete control over it, whenever to lock or unlock is now only a clock away. 

10. Haier:

Haier is also a giant in the tech department and it has been launching a variety of smart home appliances to turn an old conventional house into a smart home. 

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Home Decoration

Top 10 Things to Remember When Thinking to Decorate the House



Decorating can be one hell of a task. It’s messy and extremely time consuming and let’s be practical, in today’s era, nobody has the time to take an off from work or stay back at home for more than a day to complete the house décor. 

Decorating is so hard at times because we don’t plan out. We don’t plan the essentials and how much time activity should take due to which the pressure builds up and it takes ages to decorate the new house. 

So all those who are planning to decorate their houses, below listed are the top ten things that are of utmost importance:


Before starting to decorate make sure that you have listed down all the things that you need in your house. Write every little detail. How many chairs do you need, how many tables, beds, cupboards, etc.


Before moving in, make sure that the house is completely painted and dried. You can choose a tone for your house and decide a color for each room to give it a personality. 

3. Switch Boards:

Yes! The importance. Imagine spending your first night at the new house only to find out the switch board doesn’t work. If you are as lazy as me, then it is a must to have a switch board right beside your bed. So make sure all the switches work and electricity is intact.

4. Bed Sheets and Curtains:

Buy or use cute and fresh bed sheets with a contrasting pair of curtains to give your house a new and refreshed look. Many times people fail to remember little things like these and regret when they move in. 

5. Rugs and Plants:

We fail to notice the importance of a rug but a good vibrant rug can make a room look ten times more attractive. Similarly, fresh green plants are a must for a living room to appear fresh!

6. TV (Other electronic appliances)

Make sure your TV, fridge, computer, ac, lights, fans, etc. are all fixed and working in your new house. 

7. Paintings and Pictures:

All those things that require drilling should be done before hand, as in before you move into your house. So wall pictures and paintings all should be fixed on the walls before you move in.

8. Pillows and Blankets:

Blankets and pillows are one of those little things that people tend to forget to include their planning list.

9. Flooring and Carpeting:

Before moving in, make sure your floor is the way you want in to be. If you want it to be carpeted then choose a carpet and go for that or if you want it to have white tiles, or brown bricks, etc. then choose it before and get it done way before moving in.

10. Wardrobe:

Invest in a wardrobe that can manage all your clothes! A wardrobe is a great and a long term investment so buy one which can contain all your clothes.

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Home Design Tips

Necessary items to have in a smart home



We all desire to build a smart home where things become more convenient and provide ease to us. Building a smart home will definitely require a lot of effort and of course expertise to make it as perfect as possible. It is not at all a difficult job as it was in previous years. And this is all because of different technological advancements happening almost every day. People therefore, are keen to build a smart home for their convenience and peace. Another reason for this is the trend. It has also become a trend to build a smart house and keep it upgraded with technology.

How to build a smart home?

To be real here, building a smart home is not at all an easy job. Not everyone can afford to build a smart home. This is because it requires a lot of money to be built. Therefore, smart homes are for those who can easily afford it. 

To build a perfect smart home you need to have a lot of technological accessories for your home. This also includes fixtures having sensors to keep up with the connectivity.

Since it is extremely expensive and you desire for a smart home, you can build it at a much lower budget but just keeping the necessary items and installing them in your smart home. These necessary items can be the following:


  • Having smart lights:


Having a good lighting system influences and impacts the entrance of the house a lot. You do not need to install an entire hub for the smart lights. You can simply operate these lights by making a connection with your Wi-Fi or maybe through Bluetooth in your smart phones.


  • Installing smart and energy saving Thermostats:


Another way to update your house is to build a smart thermostat which will keep the control of the heating and cooling. As most of the thermostats consume a lot of electricity and we end up paying huge bills, this thermostat will control the temperature of the house by saving electricity. It will basically act as a converter by operating to those places in the house where you are and when it is needed. This will be of course done with the help of sensory systems.


  • Installing smart speakers:


You dream for a home theater but it is way too much for you to afford. You can simply install smart speakers which will give you an ambiance like a home theater. As soon as you operate the speakers, the lights will automatically get dimmed giving you a perfect cozy ambiance.


  • Security cameras:


This is the most basic item to install in your smart home. The home security cameras should be installed everywhere in your home so that your house is secure and you can easily keep a check of any unknown who enters your house. If you want you can also keep the access of these security cameras in your smart phones so that it is more flexible to trace who entered and where is he.

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