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Apartments in Moscow, 68 m²



As an office, a business woman turned into a boudoir.

Customer Ekaterina Popova manages several businesses, is engaged in investment, restaurant business and real estate. He lives, of course, in the countryside and only occasionally visits Moscow. Apartments in the city center for her – a workstation and at the same time a place where you can relax from business. At some point, the latter turned out to be more important … and an apartment appeared, in which the view from the window was more important than the situation in the office.


From the functional point of view, the task was simple: to make a two-room apartment with two bathrooms. Since the apartment has a lot of windows and two risers, it was easy to fulfill this requirement. It turned out to be harder to choose the style: how to read the wish “light and lively”?

Catherine Popova decided to go on the customer’s lifestyle: he is concise, practical and at the same time playful. “In the planning, I provided a living room combined with a kitchen,” says the designer. “This is convenient, it is rarely cooked here, but they often admire views from the windows over a cup of coffee.”

The bedroom has everything you need to feel comfortable: an adjacent bathroom and spacious storage systems.

The cabinet, originally intended, during the repair turned into a women’s boudoir. “It happened quite unexpectedly,” explains Ekaterina Popova, “because the customer and I decided that working affairs should be left outside the house. The result was a special room, zoned by a contrasting screen, where collections of perfumes and objects close to the hostess’s soul are kept. ”

The office desk in the office replaced the dressing table with a large round mirror, the work chair – a soft pouf. It remains to hope that the thoughts of the owner of the office can, if not change for a while, then at least stop – in those minutes and hours she spends in her boudoir.


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“Men’s” apartment with the author’s ceramics and stained glass in Moscow




The apartment of 74 m² in the residential complex “Garden Quarters” was conceived as additional housing: the owner lives in the Moscow region, and comes to the city to spend time with friends or, on the contrary, to be alone.

Ekaterina Kolegova, art director of the Ecole design bureau , undertook this project. The main wish of the customer was to create an unusual space that could surprise him. And in order for Catherine’s design idea to develop in the right direction, he suggested thinking in images — for example, being inspired by Michelangelo Antonioni’s films.

The apartment has large windows, and on beautiful days it is flooded with sunlight. To keep this feeling throughout the apartment, some partitions between rooms were made translucent. This happened, for example, in the bedroom – this room was zoned with a glass partition created according to a sketch by Ekaterina Kolegova. It is a stained glass window with inlays of aged mirrors. In support of her behind the headboard, four stained glass windows were made, through which natural light enters the corridor.

The entire interior is filled with details created by the designer’s sketches. For example, in the living room, the whole wall is lined with decorative plaster, resembling rusty metal. In contrast with such a “rough” and rough surface, a perfectly smooth kitchen apron, lined from Arch-Skin large-format ceramics, stands.

The bathroom interior is inspired by the interiors of the Siena Cathedral: Ekaterina Kolegova has developed a unique decorative socket that goes from the floor to the walls. Each segment of this panel symbolizes a specific city in Italy. All components of the mosaic are made of miniature elements of smalt-ceramics, assembled by hand and embedded into Arch-Skin ceramic plates. The Made in the World company is responsible for the art panel and large-format ceramics used on the kitchen apron and in the bathroom – they helped to bring the designer’s ideas to life. In the guest bathroom, the walls are lined with dark oak panels, on which giant scarab beetles “perched”. They were created by the ceramist Ksenia Pirvits according to the sketches of Ekaterina Kolegova.

The situation worked to the smallest detail. The full living room design is balanced by the minimalism of the gray kitchen. By the way, the dining area is another design by Catherine: it is as if molten tin was poured into a crack on a wooden tabletop. At the request of the owner, the table was placed at the same height as the working area. Cabinet furniture as if dissolved in space due to the facades of dark oak.

The main honeycomb accent of the living room was the No Honey carpet by design by Jürgen Dalmanns: a canvas of ocher color with giant images of wasps became the starting design element of the room. Catherine decided to move the color scheme of the ornament to the entire interior palette: the shades of the carpet were also “quoted” in accessories and textiles.

The brutal, but refined design ideally suited the space allotted for it – as if the costume was made by measure. The interior accurately reflected the customer’s individuality: it’s impossible to repeat such a situation in another space.


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Apartment designer Alexei Sushkova, 47 m²




According to the plan of the developer, this apartment is one-room. Alexey fit it much more: a bedroom, office, public area, bathroom and dressing room.

Designer Alexei Sushkov chose where to stay for a long time: he studied the neighborhoods of various new buildings and measured how long the road to the center of Moscow took from there. As a result, I bought a house in Mytishchi, by the example of which I decided to show how to design the interior, if there are many desires and few square meters.

In terms of the apartment is almost square, but there are only two windows, and they overlook one side. So the task was to let in the house natural light. The designer began by attaching a loggia to the living space, which occupied almost half of the current bedroom. In his opinion, a balcony in such a small apartment is an unnecessary luxury, and besides, its door did not allow the light to pass inside the apartment.

Well, after that, Alexei pondered over the layout for a long time – he went through about fifteen options, until he found the current one. “There were glass blocks and round windows, and then I remembered the veranda in my grandmother’s house,” says the designer.

Alexey divided the space into three almost equal parts. In the depths are the dressing room, hallway and bathroom. Along the windows – a bedroom and an office. And in the middle there is a public zone, into which the light enters through glass partitions, made to order at the foundry-mechanical plant.

Alexey is the hospitable host. In the cloakroom, he keeps a supply of folding chairs, and if his friends spend the night in an apartment, they can use folding sofas in the living room and office. For such cases, there are also double-sided curtains, which can be used to close transparent partitions, but on ordinary days the sun freely walks around the apartment. The mirrored front door and the door of the niche in which the refrigerator with microwave is built in diffuses the light. According to the owner, the reflected light reaches even the bathroom.

Simultaneously with his apartment, Alexey did a classic project to the customer, from whom he “contracted” his interest in the English and Belgian styles, and decided to decorate his home in the traditional way. The image of the interior also predetermined the designer’s love of blue and Cole & Son wallpaper. White birch trees, one of the most famous motifs of the British brand, adorn one wall in the living room and bedroom, emphasizing the unity of space.


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Apartment – student’s dream in Moscow, 45 m²




This is a story about how to use small means in a short time and with great love to make a real “student dream” inherited from an adult relative of the studio.

Designer Natalya Pogodina made an interior for her son literally from what was available, but creatively and in her corporate style, which she herself describes as “economical, eco-friendly and aesthetic”.

A studio apartment in Moscow was given to the new owner by a divided diagonal partition, which turned out to be already included in the BTI drawings and agreed. Nobody wanted to start the process on a new one, therefore Natalya decided that in this variant it is possible to beat the space perfectly, making it lighter and more logical solely due to the decor and decorating techniques.

It was decided to start from the kitchen, which was somewhat lacking in heat and light: Natalia herself collected a cozy and very budget version of IKEA lockers, pine boards and louvered doors. In one large cupboard there is a refrigerator, in the other – absolutely all the necessary kitchen utensils. Since a young man lives in an apartment, not inclined, like most young people, to intricate cooking, there is no built-in hob, it is successfully replaced by a desktop induction stove.

Colored tile inserts on the floor, inherited from the previous repair, supported by deliberately large handles for children’s cabinets. Instead of the usual table, there is a large bar counter: a young man works at it, writes books (he studies as a journalist and tries himself in writing), and in the evenings he can have a great time with friends. In the corner there is a similarity of a sofa: a street bench from the garden center, covered with soft pillows. It turned out light, warm and really youth.

The second room is divided by a rack into two zones: the light at the window became the bedroom, the second – a small living room. Here is a semicircular sofa, who arrived in the apartment with a new owner from his former nursery. Natalya changed the yellow-orange pillows to a more restrained color to match the wall repainted in a sandy shade, and the sofa became a cozy resting place. If necessary, it folds into a large round couch – an ideal place to leave for a night of friends.

The hallway, which, in fact, begins familiarity with the apartment, perfectly reflects its overall style and attitude: youthful, witty, without a drop of pathos. The role of the cabinet is played by the IKEA frame, instead of curtains – a jute bag from under the coffee, the army wooden box replaces the console table. Eco-friendly “reuse” and true male minimalism.


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