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Backyard Patio Ideas On A Budget

Having a smart and comfortable backyard is a good idea and makes you feel comfortable. However, that does not mean it has to be so complicated and expensive for it to look pleasant and comfortable. When you have the right idea, you will spend very little and still get the best.

  • Make Use of Grill

A backyard does not have to be complicated with so many things, especially when you are on a budget. Sometimes you may not have money for an outdoor kitchen. Getting a gas grill is a good idea. That means that you get to enjoy good cooking at your backyard. The only thing you will need is some few seats to use when enjoying yourself. It is also great when you have friends around or a small party.

  • Use of Espaliered Tree to Decorate your wall

The big deal behind a backyard patio is to make it as unique and smart as possible. You can use a tree to make your backyard walls look unique and attractive. It is a simple method, but the results are amazing. All you have to do is plant a tree and direct it on how to grow in a pattern. It is very simple as long as you commit your time on taking care of the tree. The rest of the space, you can use simple chairs and tables.

  • Utilize Available Trees

When you have trees on your backyard, they can be the right way of bringing some style. It can be achieved by making good use of the trees. One of the main ways is by using the trees to support some of the accessories you may need in your backyard. You can have hanging lights on the trees while will create a very unique and beautiful look.

  • Make use of the right collection

Displaying the proper collection on your backyard patio is a great idea. Sometimes it may sound like a difficult and expensive task, but it is not. All you have to do is be creative with what type of collection you want to have in your backyard. Create a shelve on one side of your backyard. Then get a collection of different species of flowers in pots. This helps to create a fantastic display.

  • The Right Furniture

When you want to design your backyard patio on a budget, you can get the right furniture to take care of your space. Having good furniture gives you a lot of things that make everything amazing. It helps you take care of the open space in a beautiful way and also gives you somewhere to rest. Adding some right fabric on your furniture is also a great idea.

  • Find the best shade

A backyard patio without the right shade can be challenging to use and boring. The main idea of creating a good backyard is to have suitable space to rest and enjoy yourself. In this case, you will need an excellent shade to cover you from the sun or rain when on the backyard. Backyard shades should not be so complicated if you want it to look amazing since you spend so little time there.

You can use DIY roofing for shade or trees.

  • Landscaping

You need to make good use of the backyard space if you want to come up with something interesting. If you are on a budget, then you need to do it smartly. The best idea in this case landscaping. Landscaping helps to change the look on your backyard, and it is inexpensive. Find the best landscaping ideas. DIY landscaping ideas can also work very well and save you a lot of money.


Apartment with the atmosphere of an old manufactory, 76 m²


“We are very lucky with the customer,” begins Marina Novikova. “Often designers become hostages of the same style, and the owner of this apartment, a lover of antiques and Palladian architecture, suddenly said that she wanted a brutal loft.”

Olga Louis, who worked with Marina on this project, picks up: “However, the loft’s style didn’t fit in with the look of a new residential complex or the character of a client. Therefore, we came to the first meeting with interior sketches, in which we wanted to recreate the spirit of old Moscow. ” In response, the designers heard that this was not at all what was needed and more “tin”.

“From the second time, we understood in which direction we should move, and did not deny ourselves anything at all,” continues Novikova. So brutal lamps, bricks, sconces with armature frames, arched Monier ceilings and even chains appeared in the interior (they replaced the wardrobe doors in the dressing room).

“However, we didn’t part with the idea of ​​old Moscow, therefore the image did not appear of a loft, but of a manufactory,” says Olga. The architectural eaves with decoration for aged plaster, a bas-relief depicting Asclepius (he was overseen by the customer in one of the ancient Greek temples) and textile lampshades made of William Morris fabrics added an intelligent charm to the interior.

To be historically accurate, Marina and Olga did not lower the ceilings and the air conditioning system was hidden in the basement (the apartment is on the first floor), and old brick technology was used to grind bricks.

There were no problems with the planning. After allocating space for the kitchen (it is compact and very functional), and the hallway was made in the correct geometric shape (because of this, a corner appeared in the living room, which was formed under the column), all the other rooms themselves fell into place. There is a bedroom with a work space, a living room, a dressing room, a bathroom and a guest bathroom.

Furniture picked up in the same breath almost a week. Some interior items and accessories moved here from the apartment customer. She is a manual therapist and uses this space to work in silence, and if necessary, stays overnight. Therefore, all medical attributes – watches, skull, skeleton and leeches in cans on the shelves – not props, but real ones.

The mistress has grown-up daughters, so over time, some of them will move to this apartment. However, when the project was completed, all members of the customer’s family lined up to escape from the hustle and bustle here.


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