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How can interior designing/home decoration boost the value of your house



We often plan to sell our house or property and for that we always try to increase the value of our house so that it is sold for good handsome money. Most of the time, the value of the house or property depends on the location. If the property is at a peak locality then the value of the property automatically increases, but if the location is far away from the main city then the value of the property in those areas is low. 

That is why; people focus more on the home interior and decoration in order to boost the value of their property. They invest in remodeling or renovating the interior to keep up with the latest designs so that the value of the house or property automatically increases. In this way the investment ends up being double or triple times more profitable for us. 

The interior designing plays a major role in increasing the value of the house because when you plan to resale your property, these things for the buyers really matter. The person buying your house will definitely look up to the condition and the design of the house.

Some tips that add value to your house

There are a few tips that can really boost the value of your house. These tips will definitely ensure that your money is invested and spent well on the renovations and remodeling the major areas of your house. In fact, these tips are actually recommended by the realtors that what can be the major chunk which will boost the value. 

  • Renovating the kitchen:

The kitchen is known to be the heart of the home. This is because it is the most important place where families spend most of their time. Therefore, the professionals say that the kitchen should always be upgraded with the most convenient and latest appliances. You should always keep your kitchen spacious with good quality counter tops and stainless steel appliances and fixtures. Make it look more appealing so that you feel delighted working there.

  • Upgrading Bathrooms:

A bathroom is a place whose hygiene needs to be always on top of the list. There should be good quality fixtures and an eye-catching vanity. Proper lightings and the toilet will add more value to it. The bathroom should always be upgraded, neat and clean.

  • Installing Energy Efficient Windows:

Make sure you add proper big windows which are energy efficient and sufficient home energy. These windows keep the natural light coming into the house which is healthier and it also saves electricity at day time.

  • Remodeling Rooms:

Make sure that you remodel the bedrooms and make them look more appealing. They should be spacious with good quality, light-colored wall paint and shiny polished floor.

There are a few things which will make the house look more luxurious and will boost the value of your house. These are as follows:

  • Putting a pool or making a separate pool area.
  • Installing a proper built in media system.
  • High-end accessories and fixtures.

But, these things are preferred to avoid as they increase the expenses of renovations.

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Home Decoration

Top 10 Things to Remember When Thinking to Decorate the House



Decorating can be one hell of a task. It’s messy and extremely time consuming and let’s be practical, in today’s era, nobody has the time to take an off from work or stay back at home for more than a day to complete the house décor. 

Decorating is so hard at times because we don’t plan out. We don’t plan the essentials and how much time activity should take due to which the pressure builds up and it takes ages to decorate the new house. 

So all those who are planning to decorate their houses, below listed are the top ten things that are of utmost importance:


Before starting to decorate make sure that you have listed down all the things that you need in your house. Write every little detail. How many chairs do you need, how many tables, beds, cupboards, etc.


Before moving in, make sure that the house is completely painted and dried. You can choose a tone for your house and decide a color for each room to give it a personality. 

3. Switch Boards:

Yes! The importance. Imagine spending your first night at the new house only to find out the switch board doesn’t work. If you are as lazy as me, then it is a must to have a switch board right beside your bed. So make sure all the switches work and electricity is intact.

4. Bed Sheets and Curtains:

Buy or use cute and fresh bed sheets with a contrasting pair of curtains to give your house a new and refreshed look. Many times people fail to remember little things like these and regret when they move in. 

5. Rugs and Plants:

We fail to notice the importance of a rug but a good vibrant rug can make a room look ten times more attractive. Similarly, fresh green plants are a must for a living room to appear fresh!

6. TV (Other electronic appliances)

Make sure your TV, fridge, computer, ac, lights, fans, etc. are all fixed and working in your new house. 

7. Paintings and Pictures:

All those things that require drilling should be done before hand, as in before you move into your house. So wall pictures and paintings all should be fixed on the walls before you move in.

8. Pillows and Blankets:

Blankets and pillows are one of those little things that people tend to forget to include their planning list.

9. Flooring and Carpeting:

Before moving in, make sure your floor is the way you want in to be. If you want it to be carpeted then choose a carpet and go for that or if you want it to have white tiles, or brown bricks, etc. then choose it before and get it done way before moving in.

10. Wardrobe:

Invest in a wardrobe that can manage all your clothes! A wardrobe is a great and a long term investment so buy one which can contain all your clothes.

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Home Decoration

7 Amazing Tips For Home Décor



Recently bought a new house or want to change the outlook of your old one? Home décor doesn’t have to be a super-expensive agenda to complete. If you want to give your house an aura of grandeur or keep it looking simple, beautiful yet elegant, here are a few tips which make home décor simply classy and are super easy.

  1. Get some mirrors

Placing a mirror or two in a small room won’t only reflect a lot of light giving the room a brighter look but will also make a room look bigger. You see mirrors don’t add to a better visual appeal to rooms but also dimensions so your rooms don’t look boring. Want to make the rooms look fancy? Try decorative mirrors with carved borders or embedded with geometrical designs.

  1. Soft hues add mystery

Solid colors often limit the dimensions of a room making it look the actual size and in-fact smaller. Corals, Off-whites and cream tone painted rooms often look not only elegant but appear visually bigger.

  1. Make use of rugs

If your floors look too woody or stoned, add a little softness by adding rugs under tables, sofas and about 1/4th under a bed. Uniquely patterned rugs add color especially animal hide rugs make a place look majestic! Another innovative idea for decorating the walls is by wall rugs, you could pick from a range of rugs featuring scenic views.

  1. Plain and patterned textures make a great contrast

You don’t have to stick to monotone sofas and rugs, usually, a touch of abstract patterns make a room look brighter and gives it a conceptual taste. For instance, a plain walled room can have a vibrant floral patterned carpet or solid colored sofas.

  1. Decorate walls and corners with greens

Material articles like lamps and décor pieces do look good but plants look even better. Buy plants, Algerian and English ivy can grow in moderate light and water plus they are not messy and look beautiful. You could buy beautiful vases to pot them or you could buy hanging pot holders to hang them at your house’s entrance.

  1. Let in a lot of lights

Don’t cover windows completely; you could hang opaque drapers of a very light texture soft colored one to let maximum light enhance the rooms with warmth.  Try to look for houses that have bigger windows especially in the kitchen, as cooking and eating should be a lively venture!

  1. Try customizing some old furniture

Instead of discarding old furniture, you could make it of some use. Change the color may be from a dark brown to a lighter tone of brown to off-white. Further, you could repair old chairs and use brilliant color ranges to paint them.


So before you decide on giving your room a new interference, try some of these tips to alleviate your house. Not only will this breath fresh air into your old house but the setting is sure to make it look splendid and welcoming.

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