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Top Ten International Companies that can help You Turn Your Home into a Smart Home

In this 21st century, each and every one of us is progressive and competitive. Every one of us is looking for habits and means to make ourselves more at ease and things more convenient. With technology and developmental changes taking place, nobody wants to be left behind with timeworn and conventional methods of living a glitzy life. So, Smart Home is taking over the world by a storm and has been becoming essential.

For all of those who don’t know what a smart home exactly is, it can be best described as a house with all the latest technology and equipment to make life easier and well, SMART. Many times we have seen in movies that show an extravagant and over-the-top lifestyle, having houses that are completely in control of a few remotes, this is called Home Automation and it’s a part of a Smart Home. 

Such investments are very profitable as they lead to an efficient and suitable way of living and saves energy costs. 

Below are the top Ten International companies that help you out in turning your house into a Smart Home:

  1. Amazon: 

Amazon brings a couple of devices for the people who are seeking to turn their house into a smart home. Amazon has launched Amazon Echo, Amazon Echo Dot Smart Speakers and a virtual assistant Alexa. 

2. Google:

Google also brings a variety of options for those seeking it. Google has launched Google Home, Google Home Mini, Google Nest Hub, Nest Hum Max, Google Home Max, Chrome cast, Chrome cast Ultra, etc. 

3. Philips:

Philips has launched Philip Hue which comes with a variety of smart lights for your smart home. 

4. Eco bee:

Eco bee has launched a smart thermostat that is connected to your Wi-Fi and allows you to control the home heating or home air conditioning. 

5. Netegar: Arlo has launched Arlo Pro 2 camera kit for indoor and outdoor cameras that are connected to your internet for control.

6. Simplisafe:

For the security of your entire Smart Home Simplisafe comes up with a Simplisafe 3.0 Kit which has a base station. A keypad and a motion sensor. 

7. Belko:

Belko in another company that is very active in this regard. It has launched BelkoWelmo Mini which allows you to control the power usage and turning off and on anything that has been connected through the app.

8. Samsung:

Already way popular for its tech, it has now put its hand in the smart devices as well. Samsung provides a variety of SmartThings Sensors and a smart speaker. 

9. Assa Abloy:

This giant has launched the august lock pro lock which connects to your Bluetooth and with the August app you can have complete control over it, whenever to lock or unlock is now only a clock away. 

10. Haier:

Haier is also a giant in the tech department and it has been launching a variety of smart home appliances to turn an old conventional house into a smart home. 

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